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As Bago Vineyards produces wine from a single vineyard, all our wines show-case the distinct maritime style of the Hastings Valley. One needs only to sample a glass of Verdelho or Chambourcin to appreciate the celebrated uniqueness of the region.
Bago Vineyards is focused on the terroir of their estate, which is a major influencing factor in producing wines which cannot be replicated in other climates.


Bago Vineyards is situated in the Camden Haven basin which is an up-lifted Sedimentary basin that drains eastward 15 km to the coastal town of Laurieton. This basin has been interrupted by volcanic activity which has given rise to our well drained and fertile alluvial flats. As the last major climatic change lowered the sea level the creek also lowered leaving behind alluvial terraces well above the present creek level.


Bago Vineyards has been established on these terraces of deep red loam slowly developing a profile to a krasnorzem. These soils are quite vigorous, with the grapes grown on these soils displaying lots of growth due to their fertility, and as a result we have adapted a modern trellis system under the guidance of internationally renowned viticulturalist Dr. Richard Smart to control the vigour, disease, and to allow enough sunlight into the canopy to produce fruit of the highest quality.


We are much cooler than other coastal valleys and as a consequence suffer from many frosts each year due to our southerly outlook. Being on the southerly slope of the Bago Bluff mountain range our winter sun is shorter than on the other side of the mountain. The terraces where the grapes are grown become a cold air sink-hold during winter and with the tall forest surrounding the vineyard the vines receive the winter chilling required for an even bud burst in spring.


The constant sea breezes during winter and summer keep the temperatures down, and during the summer months the temperature rarely raises above 30 degrees although the humidity can extremely high. The breezes in winter cool the air, and with still clear nights there are occasional large temperature drops. Bago’s rainfall is high by world standards for vineyards (over 1500mm annually) which in conjunction with our deep soils allows the grapes to be grown without irrigation. The high humidity allows our grapes to seldom become stressed, and the warm nights during spring and summer and the high humidity tend to encourage our grapes to grow unimpeded the whole summer season.


The vineyard area was carved out of dense wet sclerophyll forest, the borders of which are still framed by tall gum trees standing there to remind us of the past. It is these tall trees that shelter and protect the vineyard during times of severe wind whilst still allowing cool, drying breezes.

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Opening Hours

BAGO VINEYARDS is open from 9.00am until 5.00pm every day (except Christmas Day).

BAGO MAZE is open from 9.00am every day (except Christmas Day) and is located within the grounds of Bago Vineyards. Please Note: last admission to the Bago Maze is 4pm.

Entry to Bago Maze is Adults $10, Children $7, Family $35 (2A 3+C), U/5 free but must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Join us once a month on the Second Sunday for Live Music. Admission is free (however usual prices for the Maze do apply if you wish to go in).

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Baba Lila Handmade Chocolates is now located at Bago, so be sure to stop in to watch Tash hand make all of her delicious Russian and native Australian infused chocolates truffles.
Open Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Coming Events

Live Music will be held every month on the Second Sunday of the month.
Join us for a picnic on the grass - or enjoy a local cheese platter and seasonal produce from our Cellar Door.

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